Map. History of Baltics conflict

21 September 2018
USAF RC135W with eyes on Kaliningrad
6 month ago
Russian Ministry of education promises to ensure Russian language education in Latvia
Stoltenberg: "Anything like what happened in Crimea and Ukraine would, of course, trigger a response from the whole alliance, because NATO is there to defend and protect all allies against any threat."
Tu214SR RA64526 heading back east over Lithuania
Estonian MEP @Urmaspaet: "All future developments [in defense] should go between EU and NATO hand in hand," especially cyber
Small traces of radioactive iodine of unknown origin measured in Norway, Finland and Estonia.
6 month ago
Lat government calls emergency meeting of financial advisory board after ABLV collapse. Central bank chief Rimsevics role getting more mysterious as house broken in
6 month ago
The rally against the reform of Russian-speaking schools was held in Riga
6 month ago
Department of State:Deputy Secretary Sullivan in Riga: The United States, Lat, and our NATO Allies also clearly recognize the threat posed by Russia. We remain focused on countering Russian efforts to undermine democratic institutions and the transatlantic partnership.
US-Baltic Summit will be hosted by the @WhiteHouse on April 3.
7 month ago
South Korea to deepen military ties with Switzerland, Latvia
[email protected] provides an update on Deputy Secretary Sullivan's travel to Ukraine and Latvia. In Kyiv, he discussed the United States' support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in Riga, he reiterated the United States' commitment to @NATO's Article 5.
RuArmy action at Ivangorod 22FEB18. Just hundreds of meters from Estonian border. Historic and modern equipment showed as well as a combat demo.
7 month ago
Linas Linkevicius:Lithuania is increasing contribution to @NATO operation @ResoluteSupport. Lithuanian Special Operations Forces will be deployed in Afghanistan. Same place, same brothers in arms, same goal – an ultimate fight against terror
Lithuania to send special operation forces to Afghanistan: defence ministry
7 month ago
Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan announces the Baltic Summit, which will take place in Washington on April 3 to celebrate the centenaries of the Baltic States
USAF RQ-4B 10-2043 FORTE10 departed Sigonella at 0305z - Baltic States mission
USAF RC-135W 62-4134 COPUS41 departed Mildenhall at 0655z - Estonia mission
7 month ago
Latvian banking chief says he won't resign following AP report on allegations he sought bribes from local bank
7 month ago
Latvian anti-corruption authority says detention of central bank governor related to demand for a bribe
7 month ago
The European Central Bank stopped all payments by Latvian lender ABLV Bank on Monday as its liquidity position has deteriorated after accusations by U.S. authorities of breaching sanctions against North Korea, it said on Monday.
7 month ago
The head of the Central Bank of Latvia was detained on suspicion of corruption
Tusk: 100 years after restoring independence. Today Lithuania stands tall, dignified and determined as member of UN, NATO and EU. Only united can European nations be sovereign and free of dependency on superpowers
7 month ago
Su-34 Fullback above Baltic Sea
7 month ago
Latvia is investigating a local bank suspected of illegal trading related to North Korea's weapons system
Lithuanian FM Linas Linkevicius: Quick stop in beautiful Stockholm to meet friend @margotwallstrom and discuss cooperation within Nordic-Baltic family and Ukraine. 3 years since Minsk Agreements with no progress from the Russian side -no room to ease sanctions. We urge Ukraine to speed-up and deliver on reforms' path
7 month ago
Belarusian president alarmed by unprecedented buildup of neighbors' militaries
Swedish Air Force GLF4 Korpen 102002 SVF622 Racetracks over the Baltic Sea, west of Kaliningrad7 month ago
Swedish Air Force GLF4 Korpen 102002 SVF622 Racetracks over the Baltic Sea, west of Kaliningrad
USAF RC135W 62-4134 EXTRA34 29,000ft over Estonia
Stockholm truck attacker pleads guilty to terrorism as trial opens
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