1 月 2023
USAF B52´s out of RAF Fairford1 年 前
USAF B52´s out of RAF Fairford
Johnson: If we remain silent, Putin will attack Georgia and the Baltic states
1 年 前
MFA of Lithuania summoned Russia's Ambassador and handed him a diplomatic note, declaring four employees of the Russian Embassy as personae non gratae in Lithuania for activities incompatible with their diplomatic status
Estonia expels 3 Russian diplomats for 'undermining security, propaganda'
1 年 前
Latvian Foreign Ministry announces the expulsion of 3 employees of the Russian Embassy in coordination with Lithuania and Estonia
RFE/RL opens offices in Vilnius and Riga as war changes media landscape in Europe
1 年 前
A 20-year-old man has been arrested, suspected of aggravated arson, after the fire in two homes at the southern hospital area in Ängelholm, the police state
1 年 前
The Lithuanian government is considering lowering excise duty on fuel in a bid to bring down soaring gasoline and diesel prices, Deputy Finance Minister Gediminas Norkūnas said
1 年 前
Russia is testing NATO red lines in its war against Ukraine, Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas has said
PMs of Lublin triangle meet in Warsaw(PM Shmygal via video link)
1 年 前
President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda:A historic night at Versailles. After five hours of heated discussions EU leaders said yes to Ukrainian eurointegration. The process started. Now it is up to us and Ukrainians to accomplish it fast. Heroic Ukrainian nation deserves to know that they are welcome in EU
Latvian Prime Minister: We must strengthen the military capabilities of the European Union
1 年 前
"We have a responsibility to ensure the conflict does not escalate and spread beyond Ukraine," NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said today from Latvia. "That would be even more dangerous, destructive, and even more deadly. The situation could spiral out of control
British F-35 jets have landed at Ämari Air Base in Estonia Estonia as they prepare to undertake air patrols over Eastern Europe to deter Russia from taking any aggressive actions against NATO members
Blinken says NATO looking at more permanent deployments in the Baltics. "We're continuously reviewing within NATO our defense posture, including questions of extending the deployment of forces, looking at questions of more permanent deployments," he told reporters from Lithuania
1 年 前
Lithuania's Foreign Minister: All countries in the region are looking for security guarantees to protect their borders
Blinken will meet @EmmanuelMacron in Paris on Tuesday evening, @StateDeptSpox says. But first @SecBlinken will stop in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
A busy morning for the people at Estonia Ämari Air Base in Estonia, with three recent departures and two suspected upcoming arrivals, including a VIP United States Air Force VC-32A and a Motor Sich An-12 (likely carrying weaponry for flag-Ukraine)
1 年 前
French Defense Minister: The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will take up a position in the Mediterranean for reconnaissance missions over the Baltic countries
1 年 前
Panama-registered Estonia-owned general cargo vessel HELT imo:8402589 has sunk in Black Sea near Odesa after allegedly hit by seamine. 2 crewmembers rescued. 4 unaccounted
The first of 16,000 foreign volunteers are ready to defend Ukraine, said the President of Ukraine. Earlier, The Minister for Foreign Affairs Kuleba said that the volunteers came from 16 countries, including Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Israel and others
Finland and Sweden, two Arctic states that are not NATO members, received a letter from Russia demanding security guarantees. Finland is preparing a response to these demands, its foreign minister says
1 年 前
"Two Russian SU 27s and two Russian SU 24s violated Swedish airspace. The violation was short-lived and took place east of Gotland, across the sea
Our message to President Putin is: stop the war, pull out all your forces from Ukraine & engage in good faith in diplomatic efforts; the world stands with Ukraine, - SG @jensstoltenberg at a press conference in Tapa Estonia with PM @KajaKallas & PM @BorisJohnson1 年 前
"Our message to President Putin is: stop the war, pull out all your forces from Ukraine & engage in good faith in diplomatic efforts; the world stands with Ukraine," - SG @jensstoltenberg at a press conference in Tapa Estonia with PM @KajaKallas & PM @BorisJohnson
Lithuania's president asks NATO to send more military reinforcements to the Baltic states
.@USArmy soldiers assigned to the @173rdabnbde traveled from Aviano Air Base in Italy to Latvia in order to support @NATO allies
Lithuania closes its airspace to Russian flights from today
Tens of thousands of people gathered at Tallinn's Freedom Square to support Ukraine. Similar events across Estonia Estonia
1 年 前
Ministry of Defense of Latvia: I just got out of box proposal how to end the Russian aggression. West announces that every Russian soldier which surrenders to Ukrainians will receive asylum in the West. I think its victorious idea from artist Aigars Bikše. Countries which do not give weapons to UA give asylum
Estonian Ministry of Transport: We plan to close our airspace to Russian planes