6 月 2023
Car ferry carrying 300 people ablaze off Sweden coast: authorities
1 年 前
The construction of the physical barrier on the Lithuania-Belarus border has been completed, EPSO-G, the company in charge of the project, told BNS today. The barrier, consisting of fence and cutting wire, covers about 502 km. More than 100 km of the border are rivers and lake shores
FSB 报告在加里宁格勒地区拘留了亚速号的支持者,阴谋炸毁波罗的海舰队的物体被挫败,缴获 5 公斤 TNT
1 年 前
The Russian Embassy sent a note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia in connection with the demolition of the monument to Soviet soldiers in Riga
1 年 前
The Russian Defense announces the arrival of three MiG-31 aircraft equipped with hypersonic "Kinzhal" missiles to the "Chkalovsk" base in the Kaliningrad region
Ministry of National Defense: Deputy Prime Minister @mblaszczak: Our task is to build an army so strong that the aggressor does not dare to attack Poland
Linas Linkevicius: Having removed itself from civilized world, Russia is desperate to strengthen its ties with 'sister' governments. Lavrov's visit to Myanmar, where junta according to Amnesty International is crushing opposition by executions, brutal beatings and sexual violence just proves that
1 年 前
作为 7 月竞标的一部分,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司停止向拉脱维亚供应天然气,原因是"违反了天然气开采条件"
Gitanas Nausėda:刚到基辅。在这个特殊的日子里,乌克兰首次庆祝建国日,将在最高拉达向乌克兰人民发表讲话。还将与@ZelenskyyUA 总统会面,向他颁发维陶塔斯大帝勋章——立陶宛最高的国家勋章
Tomorrow Poland's president @andrzejduda will sign the law ratifying the Protocols on Finland's and Sweden's accession to NATO. The event will take place in the Navy Port of @MiastoGdynia, city on the Baltic Sea coast - says presidential chief of staff
The Great Belt, southbound today, enroute to St Petersburg. The Yasen-class SSGN Severodvinsk, Ingul-class rescue tug Pamir and the Ivan Gren-class LST Ivan Gren. The Ivan Gren turned around, was northbound on the 13th. Photos: Kurt Pedersen / Facebook group: Under Broen
据@StateDept 称,美国将以约 5 亿美元的价格向爱沙尼亚出售 M142 高机动火箭炮系统(HIMARS)及相关设备
Estonian PM Kaja Kallas: I will form a new government. According to the constitution, I just announced that the current government will resign. I've proposed to convene extraordinary parliament sitting on Friday, where I'll ask for a mandate for the new government coalition
拉脱维亚对 18 至 27 岁的男性重新征兵,称俄罗斯与乌克兰战争的安全影响已经用尽其他增强国防力量的手段。 DefMin @Pabriks 说有更多的公民准备好参与战斗是必要的为了生存1 年 前
拉脱维亚对 18 至 27 岁的男性重新征兵,称"俄罗斯与乌克兰战争的安全影响"已经"用尽"其他增强国防力量的手段。 DefMin @Pabriks 说有更多的公民"准备好参与战斗"是必要的"为了生存
Kaliningrad Governor: We propose to ban the transit of goods to the Baltic states via Russia
1 年 前
Tomorrow the presidents of Poland & Lithuania @andrzejduda @GitanasNauseda will meet the military units located on the SuwalkiGap
北约秘书长@jensstoltenberg 通知,瑞典和芬兰加入北大西洋联盟的进程已经开始
1 年 前
Denmark Officials: Mall Shooting That Killed 3 Likely Not Terror Incident
1 年 前
Copenhagen Police: We are still present, shots have been fired and several people have been hit. We work on site. People in the Fields must stay and await the police. All other persons must stay away from Fields
1 年 前
Shots kill several people in a shopping center in Copenhagen
北约盟国和合作伙伴在芬兰领空更加紧密地合作。英国皇家空军 F-35 与芬兰 F-18 一起飞行1 年 前
北约盟国和合作伙伴在芬兰领空更加紧密地合作。英国皇家空军 F-35 与芬兰 F-18 一起飞行
"We are prepared for all eventualities," Stoltenberg says, addressing President Putin's comments that Russia will respond "in kind" if troops, infrastructure are deployed in Finland, Sweden. The Accession Protocol to be formally signed Tuesday, he says
The formal signing of the accession protocols for Finland and Sweden to join NATO will happen Tuesday
1 年 前
Baltic Fleet press-release: The Steregushchiy-class corvette Soobrazitelny has reportedly conducted a SAM live-firing against 2 x target missiles fired by the Nanuchka-class Passat and the Steregushchiy-class corvette Stoikiy
NATO leaders formally invite Finland and Sweden to join alliance - statement
Secretary Antony Blinken:Met with Finnish and Swedish Foreign Ministers @Haavisto and @AnnLinde to commend their trilateral agreement with Turkey and reiterate our strong support for their NATO accession. We also reaffirmed the need for robust assistance to Ukraine against the Kremlin's brutal war