Map. History of Baltics conflict

22 November 2017
"Sweden betrayed the Nordic cooperation by voting for Milan," say Danish Foreign minister @anderssamuelsen after Copenhagen loses out in battle on hosting the EMA
The Lithuanian Navy's minesweeper Kuršis is attending a readiness check in at Belgium and Netherlands Mine Countermeasure Vessels Operational Sea Training (MOST) at Zeebruges
U.S. Army GreenBerets and Lithuanian SOF just conducted joint training with a focus on DA (direct action) this November
Russian Mindef: Mi-28UB helicopters to Tver' region
The explosion in southern Stockholm was a threat to scare a witness to silence.
Latvia marks its Independence Day in capital Riga with parade. It's 99th anniversary of Latvia's statehood
RuAF IL-76 RF-78790 northbound over Baltic Sea. Probably with fighters in trail.
Traffic stopped in Gothenburg to EU cause of Massive police operation, involving helicopters
Bill Browder: Lithuanian parliament unanimously passes Magnitsky Act 91-0
US Navy P-8A 169011 MADFOX7 departed Aalborg at 0952z - Baltic mission
NATO will create new cyber operations center and will allow commanders to utilize cyber weapons into war plans, @jensstoltenberg says.
Bill Browder:: Lithuanian Parliament passes Magnitsky Act in second reading 78-1 (5 abstentions). One more reading to go before it becomes law
IT-systems of all of the hospitals in Helsinki are down. No causes stated
Estonian Internal Security Service KaPo arrested a Russian FSB agent preparing cyber attacks against gov agencies
Swedish police raid on Aryen TV studios in Stockholm
NATO Allies must be able to deter and defend against cyber threats as much as against attacks from the land, sea or air - @jensstoltenberg
Swedish police raid on Aryen TV studios in Stockholm
In Finland, Mattis backs creation of hybrid warfare center heavily focused on Russia.
2 people shot in Uppsala, near Stockholm
Powerful IED destroys entrance to nightclub in Malmö, Sweden. The same club was hit by a similar attack last year
3 cars destroyed in separate explosions during the past 24 hours in Hässleholm, N. of Malmö
NATO SecGen: "At least two allies have reported" Russia's recent use of a kind of electronic warfare during Zapad
Inventor Madsen admits dismembering journalist: Danish police
The Ministry of Defence: air Refueling of Su-34 bombers from the aircraft tanker Il-78 in Western Military district
A person shot in Stockholm's suburb Norsborg - the large police presence at the site.
Cold wave across most of Europe over the next few days
Today @BeAirForce F16 conducted 14th Air Policing intercept since beginning of @NATO EAPM deployment to safeguard Baltic skies
Shoigu:Russian and Belarusian armed forces demonstrated high effectiveness and coherence at ZAPAD2017 exercise
Shoigu: NATO members’ armed forces intensify and extend combat training actions near Russian borders
The defense Ministry will neutralize the threat at the Western borders of the country - Shoigu