Map. History of Baltics conflict

23 June 2017
US released pix of Russian jet intercepting US recon plane over Baltic Sea, coming within 5ft. US deemed it unsafe. Russians said it wasn't
The president of Latvia and general secretary @NATO Battle Group welcome ceremony in Adazi
Had a good discussion with H. E. Mr. Stefan Löfven @SwedishPM on the phone. I deeply appreciate Sweden's support for @makeinindia: Indian PM
Russia: NATO planes again followed Shoigu plane over Baltic Sea(2nd time in a day)
Troops from US, UK and other NATO countries train in and around the #SuwalkiGap on Poland-Lithuania border
Sweden summons Russia ambassador after Baltic Sea air incident
RuAF Tu-154 RA-85686 c/s RFF9006 northbound from Kaliningrad. Likely Shoygu returning to Moscow
Russian Army TV published footage of Su-27, fending off US F-16 from DefMin Shoigu plane over the Baltic
Russian Army TV published footage of Su-27, fending off US F-16 from DefMin Shoigu plane over the Baltic
Shoigu announced the creation of 20 formations and military units in Western Russia
Shoigu says Russia has over 30 upgraded battalion and company tactical groups in highest combat readiness in Western Military District.
The situation at the Western borders is deteriorating due to the activity of NATO – Shoigu
SG @jensstoltenberg warns that an attack on 1 NATO ally will trigger response from whole alliance
Russian fighter jet chased a NATO jet away from Russian Defence Minister's plane: Tass news agency
Russian Media: NATO's F-16 attempted to approach Mindef Shoigu plane over Baltic Sea, prevented by RuAF Su-27
Video of @HQUSAFEPA B52 Bomber conducting fly by during BALTOPS 2017, June 6.
RUAF Tu-154 85686 probably carrying DEFMIN Shoigu from Chkalovsky to Gulf of Finland and further to Kaliningrad
The Ministry of Defense announced the second largest in 2017 exercises in Western military District
The Russian aircraft flew within a few feet of the U.S. Air Force RC-135, officials said.
Russian Su-27 jet flies 1.5 meters (5 feet) away from US surveillance aircraft flying over Baltic Sea
.@NATO video #eFP #BGPOL and #BGLTU crossing wet gap - a perfect example of Allies' interoperability & capabilities during Ex SaberStrike 17
We have tripled the size of the NATO response force to 40,000 troops, with Spearhead Force ready to move within days - SG @jensstoltenberg
DefMin @Macierewicz_A observes international exercise #IronWolf 2017 in Lithuania
Demonstration of interoperability during #DVDay of exercise #IronWolf with German-led eFP battlegroup in Lithuania
B-1s at #SaberStrike17
Iron Wolf/Saber Strike exercise aims at demonstrating alliance can bring its forces together to keep open supply lines in conflict
Bridge on bridge. #SaberStrike17
NATO jets escort 32 Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea last week
Finnish police issues a rare statement about a possible terrorist threat against Temppeliaukio Church.
Two-day tactical Road March across sovereign .@NATO borders arrived to Rukla, Lithuania
Jens Stoltenberg: NATO multinational battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are now in place. I thank UK, Canada, Germany and U.S for being lead nations & all Allies for support.