Map. History of Baltics conflict

24 September 2017
Archer Artillery Systems in action on the motorway E18 - #Aurora18 drill
Swedish Army Strv 122/Leopard 2(S) MBTs during #Aurora17 - By Jimmy Croona / Försvaksmakten
Petrozavodsk, Carelia, Russia: Column of Pontoon Bridge Trucks (22 september, 2017)
[email protected]: Separatists in Ukraine have more tanks than some European countries. They were not bought at the supermarket
Lithuania: Lithuanian soldiers are undergoing a combat drill on the range.
Bal/Bal-E Coastal missile complex during Zapad2017 drills
1st Tank Army T-72B3 mod. 2016 During Zapad2017 Russia-Belarus drills.
Russian Mindef: During Zapad 2017 Airborne troops destroyed "militants" units in Pskov region
Pravdinsky, Kaliningrad Region, Russia: Baltic Fleet land forces undergoing live-firing drills. #Zapad2017
Russian Mindef: landing of airborne troops at Zapad-2017 drill
Russian corvette Soobrazitelnyy took part in Zapad-2017 drills Baltic Sea, launched X-35 missile with Uran anti-ship system
President of Belarus Lukashenko declared Zapad-2017 drills finished
Belarus MLRS Polonez and Russian Grad practicing at Strugi Krasnye of Pskov region for Zapad-2017
Two RAF Typhoons scrambled from Lossiemouth
Russian delegation quits UNGA hall prior to Dalia Grybauskaitė speech
Zvezda TV: Open part of Zapad 2017 drill
Zvezda TV: Open part of Zapad 2017 drill
Zapad2017: Russian army launched Bal anti-ship missile in Kaliningrad region
Commander of RU Airborne Troops Andrey Serdyukov was seriously injured in a car accident last Friday.
Russian Ministry of Defense: Orlan and Grusha UAVs are actively being used during #Zapad2017
Fire on the E4 highway north of Stockholm
Pilots of Mig-31BM made cruise missiles interceptions as part of Zapad-2017 drill
Russia's MoD @mod_russia released photos of Iskander-K cruise missile launch at Luga, Leningrad region
Western Military district press-service: Video on internet is not from Zapad-2017
Likely intercept of USAF RC-135-series intelligence aircraft over Baltic Sea by Russian Air Force Su-27 jets.
Russian Western military district officials denied "attack on people". "No one hurt. Only truck damaged"
RuAF VHF traffic in the Gulf of Finland consistent with multiple tactical units
Official: S-8 missiles were spontaneously launched during drill. 3 wounded, 2 cars damaged
Consequences of helicopters strike at Zapad-2017 drill
One of version of Ka-52 missiles launch, - technical failure and accidental launch
Zapad-2017: Helicopters almost hit observers in Leningrad region