US Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV 52,000ft over Estonia

Map. History of Baltics conflict

21 September 2018
US Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV 52,000ft over Estonia
Report: N.Korea says will talk to Sweden on 'bilateral relations' among other issues
NATO E3 LX-N90458 NATO06 Orbiting over Estonia at 31,000ft
6 month ago
TASS: Latn authorities are trying to force Russian speakers to reject their heritage, Sergei Lavrov says.
Alexei Navalny's coordinator in Kaliningrad, Yegor Chernyuk, spent last night in a police cell.
USAF RC-135W 62-4134 LIMB59 departed Mildenhall at 0846z - Estonia mission
The Ministry of Defense of Russia: Iskander-M missile unit of the Western Military district missile compound in the Leningrad Region carried out electronic missile launches at the most remote targets of the conventional enemy
French Army Leclerc MBTs deployed in Baltics (Estonia, Jan 2018)
Speakers of parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland signed an appeal against Nord Stream 2
In Riga there is a protest action of supporters of Russian schools6 month ago
In Riga there is a protest action of supporters of Russian schools
Russia holds exercise with modern coastal missile complexes near EU border
Russia launched radio location complex "Voronezh" near Kaliningrad
Secretary Tillerson discussed "Russia's disinformation efforts and malicious cyber activity" with the foreign ministers of the three Baltic states, according to a readout. They "agreed to deepen their cooperation to combat" these activities
"Our concern would be their [Russia's] ability to influence and be on the southern flank of @NATO" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser "and also for them to squeeze us out, if you will, by them taking a prominent role"
USAF RC135W with eyes on Kaliningrad
6 month ago
Russian Ministry of education promises to ensure Russian language education in Latvia
Stoltenberg: "Anything like what happened in Crimea and Ukraine would, of course, trigger a response from the whole alliance, because NATO is there to defend and protect all allies against any threat."
Tu214SR RA64526 heading back east over Lithuania
Estonian MEP @Urmaspaet: "All future developments [in defense] should go between EU and NATO hand in hand," especially cyber
Small traces of radioactive iodine of unknown origin measured in Norway, Finland and Estonia.
6 month ago
Lat government calls emergency meeting of financial advisory board after ABLV collapse. Central bank chief Rimsevics role getting more mysterious as house broken in
6 month ago
The rally against the reform of Russian-speaking schools was held in Riga
6 month ago
Department of State:Deputy Secretary Sullivan in Riga: The United States, Lat, and our NATO Allies also clearly recognize the threat posed by Russia. We remain focused on countering Russian efforts to undermine democratic institutions and the transatlantic partnership.
US-Baltic Summit will be hosted by the @WhiteHouse on April 3.
7 month ago
South Korea to deepen military ties with Switzerland, Latvia
[email protected] provides an update on Deputy Secretary Sullivan's travel to Ukraine and Latvia. In Kyiv, he discussed the United States' support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in Riga, he reiterated the United States' commitment to @NATO's Article 5.
RuArmy action at Ivangorod 22FEB18. Just hundreds of meters from Estonian border. Historic and modern equipment showed as well as a combat demo.
7 month ago
Linas Linkevicius:Lithuania is increasing contribution to @NATO operation @ResoluteSupport. Lithuanian Special Operations Forces will be deployed in Afghanistan. Same place, same brothers in arms, same goal – an ultimate fight against terror
Lithuania to send special operation forces to Afghanistan: defence ministry
7 month ago
Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan announces the Baltic Summit, which will take place in Washington on April 3 to celebrate the centenaries of the Baltic States
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