Map. History of Baltics conflict

17 December 2017
[email protected]_MFA Political Director @andrispelss: NATO deterrence and defence need to be further adapted to fit today`s security realities. Transatlantic bond is vital
US Amb. in NATO: Lithuania demonstrates strong commitment to @NATO by passing budget allocating 2% of GDP for defense. Today I spoke with Ambassador @Leskevicius, who's been a great advocate for the pledge on defense investment.
Lithuanian_MoD:In Lithuania winter comes along with exercises Winter Wolf. Troops from NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group train together with Lithuanian Iron Wolf Brigade
Estonia receives batch of Javelin Block-1 anti-tank missiles
"Christmas tree formation" today over Stockholm, Örebro, Malmö, Västerås
16-ship from Spider and Ghost Squadrons in Christmas Tree formation over downtown Gothenburg
Estonian FM: Kurdistan Region is an important character in resolving all Iraq issues.
Video compilation of many RuAF's interceptions of NATO war planes.
Goteborg: 3 people arrested in firebomb attack on synagogue in Sweden
Oleksandr @Turchynov met with Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania Jonas Vytautas Zukas. "Lithuania's help is extremely important and valuable to us", - Mr. Turchynov noticed.
President Poroshenko: discussed with the President of Lithuania relevant to our state, the issue of deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission in the occupied territory of Donbass. Any "hybrid" variants of the peacekeeping mission are unacceptable for us.
Croatian soldiers deployed in Lithuania today officially joined the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group
"You have to demonstrate the ability to move across Europe" says U.S. Army Gen. Hodges
"Strengthening NATO's activity at the borders of the Russian Federation is destructive and provocative and does not contribute to reducing tension," Gerasimov said at the annual briefing for foreign military attaches.
Air Baltic Boeing 737-500 from Riga to Moscow, slid off the runway during taxiing after the landing in Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport. No injuries reported.
Air Baltic Boeing 737 has skidded off a runway at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport
#DaggerBDE 'tanks on a train.' This time they were in Lithuania, with several Bradley Fighting vehicles and other support equipment. Allies there assisting the Brigade exercise freedom of maneuver as far north as the Baltic Region
Last night, NATO Foreign Ministers discussed Russia and agreed we should continue dialogue, strengthening our deterrence and defence and support our partners in Eastern Europe - @jensstoltenberg
Estonia receives second batch of CV9035 infantry fighting vehicles
Lithuanian MoD: We welcome Croatia to NATO eFP in Lithuania. Competence and assets of Croatian contingent will contibute to BGLTU deterrence and defence capabilites
McMaster: Russia following "disturbing pattern" since 2007 lists Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine and Syria as examples #RNDF
Suspected bomb explosion in Brålanda,train service is suspended
Tartu —NATO's largest annual cyber exercise is underway. #CyberCoalition17 brings together 25 Allies and 3 partners to strengthen NATO's cyber defense capabilities
US Air Force RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV FORTE10 is flying 53,000 feet over Estonia
NATO should defend Sweden, Finland if attacked: NATO official
Lavrov urges to step up efforts to protect Russians' rights in Baltics, Ukraine
Lithuania's president Dalia @Grybauskaite_LT says "women need to be more confident" they can do more "because they already do more". As women leaders discuss how to get more women into politics at WPL summit
Over 700 experts taking part in Tartu-led NATO cyber defense exercise
One person has been arrested following a small explosion close to a police station in Uppsala, a Swedish city north of Stockholm, on Monday evening.
"The amount of jamming of their own troops surprised me. It was at a level we haven't seen. And they did it in the different branches, so land force, Air Force." Re: Interview: Colonel Kaupo Rosin, Estonia's military intelligence chief