Map. History of Baltics conflict

19 October 2017
Police with automatic rifles guarding Malmö's police HQ In the wake of last night's bomb attack on a police station in Helsingborg
Powerful IED explosion destroys police station entrance in Helsingborg, N. of Malmö. Windows blown out across street
Russian Air Force Open Skies Tu154 Heading over Poland at 34,000ft
Russian Mindef video: training of Russian airborne troops and Belarus SOF in Pskov region
Sweden: 4 wounded in shooting assault in Trelleborg (South SWE). Police do not treat incident as terrorism related.
4 taken to hospital, several more seriously injured after shooting in Trelleborg Sweden
Big police operation in Trelleborg, Sweden, after several people shot
At least 7 seriously injured in shooting attack in Trelleborg, Sweden. Attacker opened fire in a busy market
Multiple people shot in central Trelleborg, S. of Malmö, Sweden
Security Agency of Poland has deported Russian citizen Dmitry K from the country, suspected in ties with Russian intelligence
Russia says US military presence in Baltic states contradicts Russia-Nato agreement
The Russian Baltic Fleet intends to form two new aviation regiments in Kaliningrad.
Sweden's army chief at #AUSA2017 conference: “Sweden is not Switzerland. We are not a neutral country.” Non NATO, but a NATO partner.
We combine strong defence and meaningful dialogue - in the NATO - Russia Council, bilat engagements and mil-to-mil contacts @jensstoltenberg
Latvian mobile communications drop in August 30 was part of Russian jamming experiment on Öland where Swedes held drills
Russian defense Ministry:the View from top of the coastal missile complex "Bal" of the Baltic fleet
In Kaliningrad picket at Ministry of internal Affairs branch where the detained oppositionists being held
[email protected] COM, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, awards medal to WO of Estonian Defence Forces
Man arrested carrying suspected TATP explosives at Swedish airport
Aurora17: Sweden's largest military in almost 25 years.
Man arrested carrying suspected explosives at Swedish airport
Sweden Göteborg - Item may have contained explosives
Sweden Göteborg - Suspicious item found @ security check point at Landvetter airport. Bomb squad attending
'They were geolocating me': Russia is targeting smartphones of NATO troops stationed in Poland and the Baltic states
London Stansted Airport says a Ryanair flight from Lithuania to Luton was diverted to Stansted where it landed safely
Ryanair flight 2145 from Kaunas in Lithuania has been diverted away from Luton to Stansted after a security incident
PT91 tanks from [email protected] #eFPLatvia took part in a dynamic live-fire demonstration concluding US-led Ex #BayonetShield in Adazi
In Södertälje, Sweden, a stone attack on Muslims kindergarten
Explosions outside two different restaurants in central Malmö damage building exteriors
President of Finland @niinisto: "Situation in Catalonia looks serious. Talks must begin."